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Aronian Structural Engineering & Design has worked all types of projects, ranging from custom hillside homes to commercial office buildings.  We are proud to be working with many of the creative Architects, Owners, Developers and Contractors  the State of California has to offer. ​

Aronian Structural Engineering & Design offers comprehensive structural engineering services from conceptual planning onward. Our goal  is to deliver efficient, high-quality designs and seeing them through to the completion of construction. 

 The diverse backgrounds of the principal, along with our skilled and creative engineering team, produce a unique collaborative which can undertake a multiplicity of structural engineering projects with confidence while meeting the needs of a diverse clientele.

Based in California, we take great pride in designing structures which will be able to withstand forces generated by the seismic events in our state.  We have extensive experience in designing our structures in  s steel, concrete, masonry and timber.

No matter what your needs are, we are confident your project will benefit from our comprehensive breadth of knowledge and will be maintained by a dedicated group of engineers committed to providing unsurpassed support throughout the creative process, during development, and in the field. Aronian Structural Engineering & Design  welcomes the opportunity to help your vision become a reality.

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